At A Guardian Pest Control, we understand your concerns when it comes to pests.

We specialize in the following:

Ticks and Fleas:  We are pet owners ourselves and we know how important your pets health is.  Using the best quality products, we help get rid of those problems and keep them gone for up to a year.   We can treat both Indoors and Outdoors.

Rodents: The warm weather makes Florida a premiere destination spot for rodents.   Unlike tourists who leave, Rats and Mice stay and carry disease with them.   While treating them yourself is usually the remedy,  an often overlooked fact is that when poisoned, these rodents will try to find their nest to die.   When their nest is inside your home, not only are you left with a terrible odor, but the resulting bacteria can be breathed in causing major health issues.

We offer both extraction and humane trapping services.

Bees:  As humane Pest Control Professionals, we know how important bees are to the environment.   While they may not be welcome in your home, it is important to not try to remove them yourself.   Depending on the bee variety and the hive size, when angered, they can and will swarm; this is their natural defense which can lead to serious injury to yourself, death to them and possibly even you.

Don't take a chance with bees.   Let us humanely remove and relocate them so they can continue doing what they do best, keeping our ecosystem alive!

Mosquito Population Control (M.P.C):  Mosquito's may be food for other animals, but you are their food.   Store purchased treatments may buy you a few hours of relief, but for true control, you need professional help.  Let us help you implement proven methods for MPC.

Full Yard Pest Prevention:  Call us about how we can help make your yard safe and enjoyable for your upcoming backyard event or to help your pets, children and you from being bitten.

Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control:  Have an area that is not legally associated with a building?  We can service you.   Areas such as golf courses, athletic fields, parks and cemeteries are not to be considered to be associated with buildings, and thus they are regulated under the Florida Pesticide Law.   Only licensed technicians can service such an area.




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